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Michalis Polichronakis, a professional lyra player and singer for more than 15 years, learned the secrets of Cretan lyra from the old time Masters. Always having Crete as his point of reference, he has given hundreds of concerts throughout Greece. His recent album “Melissa” is widely recognized among musicians and lovers of Cretan music as one the most authentic recent endeavours, defined by both a deep respect to the tradition and an unpretentious creativity. Michalis is a teacher of the Cretan lyra and also operates a small atelier for instrument making.

In September 2018, as a special guest of the TKG trio, Michalis performed live at the Greek ancient theatre Herodes Atticus Odeon opening the "Classic Rock 2" show which was featuring the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and the Athens State Orchestra.

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Lefteris Fragioudakis, a renowned and highly-respected Oud and Cretan lute solist, as well as a scholar of Byzantine music, has a 20y professional career in Greece and abroad, co-operations with some of the most famous Greek musicians and participation in more than 10 albums.

George Papadakis, a Cretan music enthusiast, has been with the band since always. George developed his bond with Cretan music at a very young age and he soon developed a passion for the lute. A well-travelled musician, George has taken the music of Crete, from Madrid to Ulan-Baatar.

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